You finally quit smoking and want to celebrate your victory with just one cigarette?

It’s been three weeks since you smoked a cigarette and you want to celebrate by smoking a single cigarette. That can’t be all bad, can it?
Certainly, from a health point of view, a single cigarette in several weeks is much better than a pack a day.
However, the real risk of smoking a single cigarette to celebrate your enormous achievement is not a health hazard. It is mainly psychological. Here’s why a single cigarette is so dangerous.
In your mind, cigarettes allow you to face life. They help you relax, focus, and feel good.
You already know that if you can’t smoke you start to feel anxious, irritable, fatigued and your hands will probably start to tingle. These are nicotine withdrawal symptoms, a definite indicator that you are dependent on cigarettes. Most of the advertising you’ve seen for cigarettes, along with the placement of cigarettes in movies or on television, has convinced you that cigarettes will relax you and make you feel more alert.
As a result, he envisions cigarettes as the only real approach to restoring a sense of well-being. A feeling of feeling normal again, exactly like a non-smoker.
Cigarettes and the nicotine they supply make you feel better. So he thinks of cigarettes as a gift. You’ve probably looked forward to any opportunity to smoke over the course of too many years. You anticipate any time when you can get out of your E cigarette workplace and light up. Look forward to finishing a meal and smoking a cigarette.
Consider that cigarettes are a bit of pleasure in a world full of worry and uncertainty.
And here’s the problem with the “just one cigarette” idea. Just consider the instant of enjoyment you will get while smoking. You really haven’t gotten over the smoking habit yet.
Your attitude must change to really kick the habit.
Every cigarette you smoke trains your brain to crave more and more nicotine to feel normal. The reason you have cravings, feel anxious, tired, have headaches if you don’t smoke is because of the previous cigarette you smoked.
Each cigarette increases and intensifies your craving for the next cigarette. It is a vicious circle. You cannot get away from it by participating in the cycle.
If he smokes a single cigarette, he is admitting to himself that one cigarette brings happiness. In fact, smoking is actually more addictive.
If you smoke just one, it reinforces your opinion that smoking is the best way to experience some pleasure. The opposite is true. Smoking causes withdrawal symptoms and makes them stronger and longer lasting.
Plus, smoking a single cigarette makes you admit that it really tastes bad, it bothers your mouth and throat, and makes you smell like a smoker. And you wonder why you ever became dependent on those things in the first place. And that’s the real risk because that’s what you thought when you started smoking and became addicted.