Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men (Part IIIB)

The “Secret Life” of Male Skin Care Shoppers Exposed – Part 2 of a Special 2 Part Exposé This article is a continuation of the confession named: Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men Part IIIA – The ‘Secret Life’ of Male Skin Care Shoppers Exposed – Part 1 of a Special 2 Part Exposé.

The COOKIE CUTTER Approach – Men are ALL the SAME

There are numerous in the Beauty Industry who might contradict this article series. Truth be told, they would shrug and agree: “We fail to really see what’s truly going on with the quarrel. We’re not difficult to work with – you could do without our retail stores, you can go on-line. You don’t go through the lovely make sack of free lipsticks and mascara, then, at that point, track down a lady to give them to. Obviously our items aren’t aesthetic fartsy – they’re not all pink and pretty and we’ve made a special effort to make them ‘man cordial’. What’s going on with selecting ladies to do our offering? What’s up with showcasing efforts that try to feminize men? It’s functioning isn’t it? The new age beauty metro-sexual man is in and manly men are presently gracious so passé…”

However enticing as it seems to be to shred that perspective and uncover its harsh, moral chapter 11 with a considerably more top to bottom treatment than we’ve proactively given in this article series, we’ll save it for one more day and simply investigate one viewpoint – the Beauty Industry’s cutout way to deal with making what it views as ‘male cordial’ men’s skin health management and men’s enemy of maturing items.

If we somehow managed to assemble each brand of men’s skin health management and men’s enemy of maturing items presently available and place them one next to the other, you’ll see several things immediately. In the first place, the essential (foundation) colors – by far most are reasonable varieties of dark, blue, dim, and earth-tones – colors that the Beauty Industry views as ‘masculine’ and relevant to ALL men, while the rest take a ‘therapeutic’ (exposed bone white) approach.

Presently focus in on the mark and you’ll see the ladylike impact from which the vast majority of these supposed men’s healthy skin items were considered. Among other ladylike qualities in camouflage, notice how the over greater part actually depend upon the magnificence phrasing of their extremely female partners, for example serum, lotion, cream, and so forth.

These conventional female magnificence terms are castrating for men who relate to the manly great and endeavor to keep up their male picture. Furthermore, there has been next to no work made by the Beauty Industry to address men’s overall inclination for straightforwardness and usefulness by blending the wording of fundamental men’s skin health management items. Truth be told, the Beauty Industry is known for adopting the contrary strategy.