What Is the Facebook Wall and the News Feed?

The divider is basically where you compose or add content so that your companions could see. The divider is found under the profile tab at the upper right of the screen. Tapping the profile tab will naturally take you to the information page. From the information page you change to the divider by tapping the divider button found on the left of your screen, right underneath your profile picture. At the highest point of the divider you will track down four buttons: status, photograph, connection and video. Tapping the status button VISIT https://zumajo.com/ opens an exchange which empowers you to compose a not to your companions. The photograph button adds photographs. The connection button adds connects to different destinations you need to share. The video button adds recordings you have made or saved to your PC. At the point when you click either the photograph, connection or video button you will have the choice of adding a message to send alongside the photograph, connection or video.

The News Feed is the place where you go to peruse content from your Friends. The News Feed is found under the Home tab at the upper right of the screen. It’s the main page you see when you sign on to Facebook. It’s an ongoing update of what every one of your companions are presently posting. The substance on the News Feed page are not shared, on the off chance that you wish to share explicit substance you should tap the offer button – when you share this substance it will appear on your Wall where each of your Friends can see it.

At the point when you add some substance to your Wall it will appear on your Friends News Feed.

What ends up satisfying you Like, Comment, Share or Tag?

Assuming you observe a Facebook page you like and you click the like button, this will interface you to that page and content from that page will appear in your news source. You can like explicit substance in your news channel and give criticism to the individual that posted it by tapping the like button under the substance.