What Is Snooker?

When I inherited an antique Brunswick pool table from my great uncle Ivan, I did not know what to do. You see, I have a limited amount of space. My condo is not small, but it is not huge either. If I had wanted to, I would be able to keep it, but I certainly could not store it.

I wondered if I should sell the table, or if I 5 world snooker championship results should play on it. It was in good condition, and I had always wanted to have a billiard table of my own. An antique billiard table seemed like such a classy thing to have. I knew that my uncle used to play on it from time to time, and it seemed to withstand wear pretty well.

The problem was, my uncle Ivan was not much of a drinker. If he had been, the pool table would not have lasted in the condition that it was in. I have seen my friends play pool at bars. They get drunk and ram their cues into the felt. I shuddered to think about what that would do to this valuable item. It would be a shame to damage such a beautiful antique!

It really was beautiful and was made of a dark wood, well finished and heavy. The pockets had their original webbing, the table was finished with the original felt, and everything was balanced perfectly. It even came with a set of fairly well preserved antique cues. Although they were slightly warped from age, they were still serviceable. Don’t get me wrong I would rather use my own cue on that antique pool table. Even so, it was nice to have the whole set together.

In the end, I decided to keep it. I would simply have to watch it carefully. From then on, I did not drink with my friends in my house. I knew that once the drinks started flowing, I could not stop something from happening to the antique pool table. I would, however, invite my friends over to my house in the afternoon sometimes for a game or two of 8-ball. They thought that I was being unreasonable by refusing to play host for evening soirées, but I knew that I had to do what I had to do. It was the only way for me to take care of that antique pool table.