Tips to Help You Remove a Password From Your PDF Files

Sometimes we may come across some PDF materials which were download from the internet or sent by others. They are easy to read by free Adobe Reader yet some of them were password protected from opening, copying and printing. It is really tough if you urgently need to copy or print some PDF files. So is there any method to remove PDF password? The answer is yes. But first we need to know some definition about password of PDF.

Generally speaking, there are two types of  password provided by Acrobat PDF standard security. They are “user password” and “owner password”. “User Remove PDF protection password” is defined by the people who create the PDF file which is used for protecting the PDF files from opening by others. Only people who enter the password can open the protected PDF documents. “Owner password” is set to protect the files from changing by others. With an “owner password”, the owner can protect the files from printing, editing or selecting text and graphics.

So it turns to know how to remove password from delete PDF protection online PDF. Here is a small and easy-to-use PDF password remover which can help us do this work. Of course first you need to download this program and install it on your PC. Then we can get start.Step 1 Launch PDF Password RemoverDouble click the start icon to launch PDF password Remover.Step 2 Import PDF files

Click Add and browse the local PDF files need to be decrypted. It allows you to import 200 files at one time. After the files are imported, the file information will be shown in the panel.

Here you need to note that this PDF Password how to delete pdf protection Remover can remove “owner password” directly. While for the files with “owner password”, you cannot remove it unless you know it. The “owner password” protected files is shown in the pane with a lock beside. If you need to remove the “owner password”, just click on the lock beside the file in the pane and key in the correct word in the pop-out small window box and click OK to confirm the it.