There are five main skin Problems: Which Do You Are Suffering From?

Skin issues, particularly persistent or chronic clarify the overall health of the person. This is crucial for people who are developing a desire for non-invasive, effective methods.

If you are able to understand the causes of your body and skin ailments, you are able to balance circulation of energy, which is a essential element to achieving wellness. Who wouldn’t want glowing skin and be comfortable while doing it?

Within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) when our body is out of equilibrium, certain undesirable conditions to our body and skin shape are evident.

The natural cycles as well as humans’ cycles existence seem to be inextricably linked. Anything that affects the whole influences the components, and the elements affect each other. Humans, as a subject to their cosmic and earthly surroundings, is common in different degrees, to all medicines that deal with energy and is the basis of TCM.

Traditional Chinese philosophers were known for contemplating the cyclical nature of nature, focusing on the repetition of moons, days seasons and years while observing the effects of these cycles on living organisms of all kinds. Humans, just like animals as well as plants, are influenced by nature’s cycles. It should not be a surprise that studying the cycles of nature was the initial base for their understanding of vital energy.

Being aware that there is an effect without a cause and the predictable seasonal patterns suggested the existence of some causal factor. Contrary to the earlier Greeks as well as Egyptians who believed that cause was due to the will of gods The Chinese just believed in the concept of chi (energy) to be the movers of matter, not as a god. They believed that this energy was responsible for predictable and cyclical events and changes.

They first broke down energy into its fundamental two components namely yin and Yang. Then , they developed the more complicated and complex Law of the Five Elements which encompasses the energies that are symbolically referred to as Wood Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, as well as the many aspects of their interrelation.

TCM as with other energy medicine, is an energetic root to any malfunctioning in the body. It’s either a problem of energy quality or the flow (quantity). Therefore, energy balance and elimination of blockages are the core of all energy therapies and, consequently to wellness and beauty treatments.

TCM is able to identify common skin problems by identifying common skin conditions. Which of the conditions do you suffer from?

A wood imbalance that is associated with Spring typically manifests itself as

Issues relating to vital energy circulation

  • Hair and scalp oily
  • Blackheads, oily skin, hyperpigmentation
  • A fire imbalance that is associated with summer usually manifests in the form of:
  • Redness, irritation skin, sensitive, blotchy, and allergic skin excess heat and sweat and Couperose
  • Red, irritated sensitive scalp
  • Issues related to red blood (arterial) circulation

The result of an Earth balance (associated in each of the 5 periods of transition in between four distinct seasons: Summer, Spring and Fall, as well as Winter) generally manifests in the form of:

  • Blemishes, toxicity, acne, psoriasis, enlarged pores
  • Hair that is heavy Pimples on scalp
  • Problems with lymphatic circulation
  • A Metal imbalance that occurs during Fall typically manifests in the form of:
  • The dry, flaky skin flaky surface dry and dull skin
  • Dry scalp Dry and brittle hair
  • Issues with blue blood or vein circulation (problems such as varicose or spider veins as well as spider veins)
  • A water imbalance that is associated with winter is usually seen as
  • Lack of tone, dehydration wrinkles
  • Excessive kidney energy that causes puffiness in the eyes or depletion of kidney energy, resulting in dark circles
  • Scalp with no tones.Limp hair that has no volume
  • Problems with the water’s circulation (water retention)

The five element holistic skincare lines that each targets the particular issues associated with any element is the solution to the skin issues. These products will be designed to deliver the energy needed to restore the balance of vital energy that is imbalanced in the case of one of the ailments mentioned above, or any combination of them.