The most difficult driving Routes


The serene and tranquil urban area that is Brentwood situated in Essex is certainly not a driving nightmare as it’s more of a residential zone with peaceful streets and gorgeous houses that are on either side of the street  Easy Quizzz. But there is a point at which the idyllic scene turns into chaos. It’s taking the test for driving. There’s probably not a single student in the world who can remain at peace while the driver’s inspector scrutinizes every step and is waiting for the possibility of making a mistake. If driving tests used to be stressful they’re now even more stressful, due to the Driving Standards Agency deciding not to release the routes in the future. The knowledge of the routes in advance is not going to improve your driving skills but it will make you feel more comfortable as it’s never an exciting experience to be handed a route and not know what direction to take.

Most people have either a car or a license in Brentwood as the town doesn’t shine through its public transportation. There are a few buses and they usually end at 6 pm so those who work beyond the time of this need to spend lots of money for taxi. So, the majority of residents are required to obtain a driver’s license at the time they attain the legal age. The test is easy when you’ve had a few hours of practice on the roads and the driving lessons you took in Brentwood were focused on the most challenging routes. Some of the most long and difficult routes is one that starts at Warley Hill and ends at Junction Rd, passing through West Park Hill and Mascalls Lane. Since the route was created to test your understanding of junctions and street signs it is required to go through six traffic lights along with a slip road as well as at least five roundabouts.

Another route begins in the Driving Test Centre on Warley Hill and continues along Nags Head Lane, Squirrel Heath Road, and ends at Junction Rd. Like the first one it also has a lot of roundabouts and traffic signals. Alongside these two routes there are three more ones that are similar in difficulty. Whatever driving training in Brentwood you select your instructor will be able to introduce you to the five routes.

The statistics show that 67.3 percent of people who pass their driving test in Brentwood fail this isn’t encouraging for people who are taking their first test. The high rate of failing tests isn’t due to the complex roads, but rather to the more aggressive drivers who are not always kind to novice drivers transferble to anoth. With a little preparation and a steady mind any person is able to pass the test and be licensed. But, it is important to remember that for the best results it is best to take the test both when the streets are not crowded and when they are jammed. This way, you’ll be aware of what to expect and you won’t have the unwelcome surprise of finding busy traffic during the test. If you’re not acquainted with the routes and streets it is possible to test your knowledge using maps online and study the difficult junctions that could cause problems.