Telecommunication Land Surveys

As we continue to move towards the 21st century, where everything is wireless, and the volume of data we’d like to share increases, the way to transmit this information forward becomes more crucial. Many of us think we are comfortable with the freedoms the presence of cell towers provides. We’ve all experienced places where we aren’t able to get signals – even an entire national campaign to promote it. It’s portrayed as something from an horror film, the locations where calls are not being received are getting less and less. Many people do not know the effort, planning and discussions that contribute to the accessibility constantly-on lifestyle to which we’ve grown accustomed. Land surveying is an essential element of this procedure.

One of the oldest jobs in existence (not the one you think of) Land surveying has evolved into a new and exciting world. Telecommunication Land Surveys are not an easy process and are a complex conglomerate of various facets that have to come together in one report Wi-Fi Site survey.

Based on the site of the proposed tower, various factors need to be considered. If a cell tower is to be built on vacant land there must be it is necessary to conduct a Raw Land Tower Site Survey is required along with an Boundary Survey. If the site is located in an area that is populated or is to be placed to an existing structure, then an Roof Top Communication Survey must be completed. Co-location Tower Surveys are conducted when two companies want to use the same space.

In spite of the location in the world, there are some studies which are applicable for the approval of cell towers procedure. A FAA 2C or 1A Certification could be required in accordance with the owner of the tower and the intended use.

Telecommunication towers that are in use may require a survey particularly if they’ve been operating for a long period of. An Co-Location Tower Survey, Cell Tower Title Review and the Cell Tower ALTA Survey (which conforms to all the ALTA/ACSM requirements) are just some of the tasks an registered and accredited surveying company for land can assist with.

In the case of all towers after the proposed site has met all standards the Site Construction Survey must be completed. Additionally the Tower As-Built survey must be repeated several times throughout the construction process to make sure that the tower is in line with all the specifications that were drawn up in the initial survey and the plans.

Due to recent developments in technology and the increasing requirement to send ever greater and larger amounts of information wirelessly, the need and worries about wireless towers for communication has increased. The same goes for the rules and laws that have been enacted to get approval for a tower. To reduce time and costs, companies will benefit from thorough research of their options and ensuring trustworthy surveying companies conduct the required surveys.