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Let’s face it, sitting down in your favorite armchair in front of a glowing gas fire can be one of the most relaxing times of the day. If when slumped in your chair you do not want to get up to alter the temperature every so often then the solution would be to use a fireplace remote control.

Even if you do not want to buy a new gas appliance rolling code transmitter you can still make full use of a fireplace remote control. It is possible for them to be integrated into your existing gas appliances. In most situations they can be operated at a distance of up to twenty five feet, far enough for even the largest of rooms. The main principle is not any different to other remote controls such as your garage door opener. Radio frequencies are utilized to send information from the transmitter to the receiver.

There are many advantages that are had by controlling your gas fir remotely. This article has been compiled to give you an understanding of the most important.

Watching TV: If you do not like to be disturbed when watching your favorite TV shows and movies than a remote control for the fireplace can be utilized to great effect. No longer will you have to keep getting up just as the temperature hots up on the screen as well as in the room.

Bedroom: If you live in a cold part of the country then you may often keep your gas fire going at night. By using a remote control you would not have to be up during the night to alter the temperature or switch the appliance off, it can all be done from the comfort of your bed.

Safety: Do you enjoy turning your gas fire up to maximum. If so then the metal surrounding the appliance may become hot to touch. By using a fireplace remote you would not have to worry about getting burnt. You can safely control the heat from a distance.

Elderly and Disabled: Perhaps you have family members that have mobility issues. By integrating a remote control into the gas fire you can be certain that elderly relatives can control the ambient temperature easily without having to struggle to alter the settings manually.