How Many Types of Romance Are There?

There are a lot of different types of romance. There are historical romances, holiday romances, contemporary romance, erotic romance, and even romantic suspense novels. While there are many subgenres of romance, they all share one common goal: a love story that has an emotional satisfying and optimistic ending.

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The genre of romance can be found throughout history, and its earliest precursors are likely from ancient Greece. In the 18th century, it was influenced by sentimental fiction authors like Samuel Richardson and Jane Austen.

Today, the romance genre is a major part of the literary industry and the most popular form of literature in general. The Romance Writers of America estimate that the genre earns about $5 billion a year in sales. The number of readers for romance is also growing.

Young Adult (YA) romance is a subgenre that deals with coming-of-age stories, first love, sexuality and family relationships. It is generally more lighthearted and has less explicit sex than in other romance subgenres.

YA romances usually feature characters who are between the ages of 12 and 20. They are written to appeal to readers who have not yet experienced true love and may be looking for a feel-good story. These stories can be sad, funny or even tragic, but they all have a happy ending.

Fantasy is another popular romance genre that takes place in a fictional world. This can involve strange creatures, wizards and magical places. Examples include the original Le Morte d’Arthur and Harry Potter.

A sub-genre of fantasy is urban fantasy, which takes place in a realistic setting, but features fantastical elements. It is a popular genre in self-publishing and can be found on bookstore shelves everywhere.

Religious Romance is a sub-genre of romantic fiction that is based on a particular religion, although it does not necessarily have to be Christian. It is often a romance that uses the relationship between the characters to build their relationship with God, or to deepen a character’s spiritual journey.

This genre often has a strong emphasis on character development, and it has an emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending. It can be a series of books that all focus on the same theme, or it can be a single title novel.

Regency romance is another popular sub-genre of romance that is set during a specific time period, usually in the early 19th century. This sub-genre is a favorite of many readers and has been adapted into movies and TV shows, including Bridgerton.

Forbidden romance is a sub-genre of romance that involves a romantic connection between two people who are not considered compatible in the eyes of others, such as doctors and nurses or priests and laypeople. The main characters may hide their feelings, but they eventually end up falling in love.

Enemies to Lovers is a romance trope that takes a different angle. The characters start out as enemies who are hated and disliked, but they soon come to the conclusion that their feelings are mutual.