Drive An Electric Vehicle (EV) – 4 Reasons to Make the Switch

In this article I hope to show you why your next car should be powered by electric. Not hybrid, but pure electric. You are probably thinking no way right? Now however is a time when great strides are being made in battery technology, and also in the efficiency of electric motors. There are already pure electric cars available which will allow 90% of motorists to switch. Read on to find 4 reasons why you should drive an electric vehicle (EV).

1. Low fuel costs:

The cost of the juice to make it go is a tiny percentage of what it would be in a traditional fossil fueled car. You can plug your car in to your domestic power supply overnight, or use a charging station, if you are out and about. If you take advantage of reduced tariffs overnight, this charging will work out even cheaper.

2. Environmentally sound:

You don’t get any emissions from an electric vehicle, they don’t even have a tailpipe. You may hear the argument that the electricity production used to charge the car creates Little Rock greenhouse gasses, and whilst this may be the case, power will become cleaner as more and more green renewable sources are used, whereas oil can’t. change and will always release gasses when burned

3. Maintenance free?:

Your cars electric motor has one moving part, an oil burning engine has over 200. There is no need for lubrication or cooling in your electric cars motor, as no parts move against each other, and no significant heat is produced either. With so little to go wrong, or any filters or fluids to change, the need for servicing is greatly reduced.

4. Usable and practical:

No longer are electric cars just glorified golf carts. They have a typical range between charges of well over a hundred miles. Plus they travel at highway speeds, the Tesla electric sports car does over 120 MPH. Currently they are suitable for most peoples motoring needs, however for the few of us that drive long distances daily they remain impractical, but with the speed of development of this technology this wont be true for long.

The advances in electric vehicle (EV) technology may have been born out of necessity. However we live in exciting times, as more and more mainstream manufacturers bring out electrical versions of their cars, or even new models designed to be powered this way from the ground up. All this activity means that prices will fall, and the age of cost-effective guilt free personal transport will soon be with us once more.