Dating and Relationship Advice for Women

You may feel that your relationship with your partner is lacking something. You may not be seeing the whole truth. You may be a victim of a man who tells a different story than you realize. Both men and women lie in relationships.

We will discuss the lies that men tell women as a continuation of my interview with Jeff Herring, on his weekly Relationship Radio Show.trial separation checklist

“I Would Never Lie To You”

This lies is often used by men to try to convince women that they are different. That is why you should never believe him. This lie is often told to women by men while they are looking them straight in their eyes. This one could be called the Lie of Steel, since it can be told straight.

“I Would Never Hurt You”

This one is cruel when it is told as a lying lie. It is cruel to say I will never hurt you, and lie while you speak the words. These lies are meant to draw you in and leave your partner hanging. These lies can be used to maintain peace if your partner is not comfortable with confrontation. Because of its rocky foundation, peace can be both temporary and ineffective.

You should be wary of men who say these two sentences to women. I wouldn’t recommend accepting an absolute without long-standing experience with your man under many circumstances.