A record breaking Black Friday in 2021

Patchworks enjoyed a record breaking Black Friday on our integration platform in 2021.

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That’s right, we processed 3,233,351 orders for our clients. Many of them experienced their best ever Black Friday numbers, all powered by our platform.

Over 1.6 million end users

Around 1,610,762 shoppers placed ecommerce integration platform orders over the Black Friday weekend with our clients. Their order data zipped along our integration platform seamlessly, from storefront to warehouse, and beyond.

A fast-growing platform

Over 300 clients depend on Patchworks’ integration platform for the day-to-day running of their business. And we’re delighted to experience double-digit growth in 2021, with 8 new deals closed in November alone.

Connections Matter

Patchworks offers more than just integrations. We offer advice, for short and long term goals, for local and global plans, and to help choose the right software for your business.