6 Ways Business Cards Can Boost Your and Your Business’s Credibility

As a salesman you know the sale starts even before you open your mouth. It’s about creating a first positive impression from the way you comb your hair, your posture, and even the briefcase you are holding. It’s about a multitude of small things people use to judge you. And when it comes to building your business referrals, your business card printing is no small matter.

So how do you differentiate your small service business? It’s all a matter of perception.

What is a business card?

You may think a business card is simply sole proprietorship hong kong a piece of card that holds your contact information. But when used in the business world, it is a tool used to get your customers to identify certain values with you and your business.

What does your business card say about you?

Even as a freelancer or a start up entrepreneur, you can market yourself as an established businessman. The difference between the two is seldom about the quality of the actual product or features of the service, but the peace of mind the customer gets from working with a dedicated professional.

1. It establishes your commitment to your business. Without a business card, it will seem like you are simply testing the waters. Printing your cards, your letterheads, buying a suit shows that you are investing in your business. Without these indications, it seems you are still uncertain and unwilling to make any long term investment.

2. It establishes your expertise. Flexibility is an asset, but too much flexibility makes your customer think you spread yourself too thinly. You may be working as one man team, but to indicate in your business card that you are a web developer, or an accountant, or a sales executive, tells them that you are an expert in one aspect.

3. It establishes your work values. The professionalism you exhibit in your business card is an indication of how professional you can be about your business. It is about your credibility and your ability to fulfill the promises and standards you have setup that is being tested in the meetings. Selling the products start only after you have sold your image to the customer.

What does it say about your business?

4. Businesses that have registered business names and have office addresses have business cards. Those businesses whose operations are built on their garage or bedrooms would often just give you their phone numbers.

5. Business cards give your customers the impression that your business is a successful enterprise. When you give away business cards, it means you are servicing many businesses and are streamlining the effort to spend time dictating your contact information individually.

6. Although business card printing in reality a small investment, many self-employed professionals and small businessmen neglect to have their business card printed professionally. You can after all, simply just dictate your phone number and other contact information verbally. They may have forgotten that business cards are as much an advertising material as their brochures and flyers.

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